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Kenworth T270 Box Truck NO CDL Required
Box Truck
columbia, MO, Missouri

2014 Kenworth T270 Non CDL Box Truck
Box Truck
cincinnati, Ohio

Kenworth Self Loader Grapple truck
Grapple Truck
seattle, Washington

About Kenworth

Kenworth is the 4th largest manufacturer of buses and trucks in the US, the largest manufacturer of dump trucks. Kenworth Truck Company was founded in 1923 in the city of Kirkland, Washington, where it is located to the present. The name of the brand comes from the abbreviations of the surnames Kent and Worthington.

With the advent of World War II, Kenworth re-qualified its production for the needs of the army. In 1941, 430 truck 4-ton machines M-1 Wreckers were produced. They were equipped with accessories for gas welding, winches, and cranes. At the same time, for the first time, a truck with cross-country capability was created, the wheel formula of which was 6x6, this model sets the direction of development of all such vehicles after the war. When the company president Phil Johnson died in 1944, the widows of the former owners of the company expressed their desire to sell a controlling stake to their employees. It must be said that the company's assets were so huge that Kenworth employees were simply not able to buy back even a small part of the company's property. However, the buyer was the president of Pacific Car and Foundry Corporation Paul Pigott. The deal took place and since then Kenworth is part of PACCAR. By 1966, throughout the United States, Kenworth has 46 regional dealer centers. Worldwide this year, 3,900 machines were sold, with a significant increase in sales, the company's management has to develop a new accounting and control system that allows tracking the registration and sale of each tractor.

In 1985, the model is produced, which for many years sets the fashion for the entire automotive industry. From the assembly shop came the famous Kenworth T600A, a tractor with a beveled aerodynamic hood and a rearward-shifted front axle. The new model combines the comfort and style of the hood model with the maneuverability of the COE version with the cab above the engine. Until 1990, several trucks were produced at once: C500B dump truck, T400A short hauler, T450 and T600A dumpers. All these trucks were distinguished by powerful engines, aluminum body elements, and spacious sleeping compartments. In 1991, the company on a special order develops a unique model T884 with double steering and with all the leading axles. The truck had incredible maneuverability and was successfully used for work in quarries, mines, tunnels, and construction. At the end of 2010, the company introduced its first tractor with a hybrid power plant. In recent years, Kenworth has been manufacturing and modernizing its trucks, constantly improving its quality and reliability.