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99 International Truck w/ Aluminum Flatbed
Flatbed Truck
winchester, Virginia

1962 International Harvester 1 Ton Flatbed Truck
Flatbed Truck
harrisonburg, Virginia

International DT466 Flatbed Truck - Excellent, new Bed!
Flatbed Truck
portland, Oregon

2009 International Durastar flatbed truck - clean southern truck
Flatbed Truck
syracuse, New York

About International

Navistar International is an American manufacturer of buses and trucks. Navistar is the legal successor of International Harvester, founded in 1902, which produced trucks under the brand name International, which was ruined and sold out in parts in 1984. The history of the company began in the distant 1831. At that time, the company was engaged in the automation of agricultural work, and the founders of International tried to automate the work of the sickle. With this unsightly inventory, and took its start International Harvester.

By 1912 International Harvester had become a developed enterprise producing trucks with air and water cooling engines. In 1915, five new models with a carrying capacity of 0.75 to 3.5 tons, designated H, F, K, G, and L, were assembled. In 1928, International Harvester produces trucks with two-speed rear axles and produced the first semblance of a diesel engine. Trucks were widely used during the Second World War and remained popular in the postwar years.

In the late 50's, another truck was built with a cab above the engine - Emeryville, also known as Highbinder. This truck was successfully used in the USA. In 1968, the production of a heavier CO-4070A with a powerful diesel engine began. By 1974 the model of SO-4070B was created. In the first half of the 1980s, US agriculture was experiencing serious economic difficulties. For IH came hard times. The agricultural crisis in 1980 complicated the case and led to a sharp decline in sales of agricultural equipment. The decision of the federal government to limit toxicity and increase the performance of engines finally exacerbated the situation. On February 20, 1986, the company changed its name to Navistar International Corporation.