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GMC Dump truck, 1981 flatbed
Flatbed Truck
seattle, Washington

WOW! 1942 GMC flatbed truck 27,000 original miles
Flatbed Truck
salt lake, Utah

Two Ton Flatbed GMC Truck
Flatbed Truck
bozeman, Montana

About Gmc

The American concern General Motors Corporation (GMC) was established in 1908 in Michigan. The first trucks the company produces in 1909. In 1925, GMC included the Chicago firm The Yellow Cab Manufacturing, and GMC began to produce trucks of various classes, under its own logo. In 1931, GMC produces a T-95 truck, which had four speeds and could carry up to 15 tons. In 1934, a truck was delivered to Bekins Van and Storage, with the driver's cab above the engine. In 1939 there appeared models of the A series, the numbers of which were from 100 to 850. In 1935 GMC company was developing diesel engines.

In 1938, the company produces a pickup T-14, which is capable of transporting up to 1/2 tons of cargo. In 1950 the company produces a Crackerbox truck, whose cabin looked like a box. In 1956 the first truck with a full drive - 4WD - departs from the conveyor. In 1968, the production of the commercial model Astro-95, the cabin of which was located above the engine, was established. The truck had a revamped windshield and a semicircular instrument panel.

After GMC entered the Volvo-White company in 1988, the production of New Family trucks began. In January 1999, a pickup Sierra ACE was shown in Detroit, which had a lot of chrome parts and a six-seater cabin with a third door on the right. In 2001 there is a change in the generations of Envoy cars, which begin to be equipped with both a rear drive and a complete one. In 2007, an American company introduced the SUV GMC Acadia, and two years later the all-new novelty GMC Terrain, the company's smallest crossover, was released. In our time, GMC takes a leading position in the US market, behind the Chevrolet brand.