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HINO Motors is one of the largest manufacturers of trucks and buses in Japan. Since the 1960s, the brand is a branch of Toyota Corporation. HINO produces a wide range of diesel buses and trucks for various purposes. In 1913, Tokyo Gas Industry started production of Model TGE "A-Type.

In 1942, from the company Diesel Motor Industry Co. HINO Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was singled out. So there was a company HINO. After the end of the Second World War, HINO Heavy Industry ceased production of large diesel engines for sea vessels and removed the word "Heavy" from its name. The company concentrated its efforts on the production of trucks, buses and diesel engines. The company HINO quickly developed and in 1967 became part of the corporation Toyota.

In 1977, HINO introduced its first tourist bus to the world. In 2003, the Japanese company demonstrated its first truck using a hybrid power plant - diesel 103-strong engine and 36 kW electric motor. As of 2011, the company managed to sell more than 11 thousand hybrid commercial vehicles. The 2013 year is marked by the beginning of the production of an all-electric truck of the 300 series. Nowadays HINO is an advanced manufacturer of trucks and buses, supplied to many markets of the world. The distinctive advantages of HINO are high quality of the produced equipment, highly qualified technical support and a large dealer network.

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Dump truck bobcat trailer breaker
Dump Truck
SF bay area, California

1998 Dump truck- Hino Cab Over
Dump Truck
boston, Massachusetts

Plumbing body service truck, Hino FA
Utility/Service Truck
seattle, Washington

2010 Hino flatbed tow truck
Wrecker/Tow Truck
los angeles, California

2008 Hino 338 tow truck
Wrecker/Tow Truck
san luis obispo, California

Wrecker/Tow Truck
south jersey, New Jersey