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Freightliner Trucks is a world famous manufacturer of tractors and heavy trucks from the US, part of Daimler AG. The motto of the company is "Run smart!". The history of the company begins in 1942 when the corporation Freightliner Inc. was founded. During the Second World War, the enterprise is experiencing many problems. In 1947, Freightliner resumed the production of tractors in Portland. In the postwar years, the company is gradually starting to go up. Freightliner greatly multiplied the production of its equipment, constantly introducing new technologies and developments.

Initially, trucks were produced to improve their own Freightliner fleet. In 1948 the first tractor, assembled at this enterprise, was sold. The model made almost entirely of aluminum, had a cabin in the form of a bubble. The car was called Model 800. Two years later, Hyster from Portland ordered a long-haul tractor with a sleeping compartment from Freightliner. Soon such a variant of trucks began to enjoy popularity. The model also received a special device, thanks to which it is possible to pour sand under the wheels for frost or ice, an adjustable Bostrom chair and a tachometer recording all indications. Thanks to the high sales volume, the reputation of Freightliner as a company producing excellent tractors has been strengthened for a long time. In 1950, the company increases production to 100 cars per year. In 1951, Freightliner signed a dealership agreement with the Ohio White Motor Corporation of Cleveland. This deal contributed to an increase in the production of trucks up to 1,000 copies a year.

In 1973, Freightliner demonstrated an entirely new Conventional tractor. After 5 years, the company opens its new plant for the production of major components and components, located in North Carolina. In the early 80's Freightliner was one of the leading automakers in the US. This fact attracts such a giant of the automotive industry as Daimler-Benz. The latter unsuccessfully tried to promote the truck-tractors Mercedes-Benz market America. In 1981, Daimler-Benz buys one unit from Consolidated Freightways. Thus, Freightliner becomes a technically-endowed company. In 1992 Freightliner became the leading company that sells the heaviest class of cars in the US market. In 1995, the company bought out American LaFrance, which produces fire trucks and ambulances. In 1997, Freightliner acquired from Ford a whole unit engaged in the production of medium-haul tractor units. Freightliner named it as Sterling. Nowadays the company is developing rapidly, is one of the largest manufacturers of commercial equipment in the USA.

Resent Freightliner Truck Listings

Freightliner Step van MT45
Step Van
los angeles, California

2004 Freightliner Mt45 step van
Step Van
south florida, Florida

Step Van
worcester, Massachusetts

Step Van Freightliner 1998 Diesel w/Allison Auto
Step Van
binghamton, New York

2006 Freightliner MT45 Step Van Foodtruck
Step Van
greensboro, North Carolina

1997 Freightliner Step Van Box Truck
Step Van
raleigh, North Carolina