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The Chevrolet brand owes its appearance to the racer Louis Chevrolet, who was not indifferent to high-quality cars. In 1911, the legendary company begins, the emblems of which now adorn millions of cars. We habitually associate brand products with cars, but the company did not create a reputation for them.

The first swallow was the truck, produced in 1918, with a carrying capacity of 500 kg. Enterprising Americans appreciated the pickup, and already at the crest of the success of the previous model in 1920, a full-fledged truck with a six-cylinder engine came off the assembly line of the Chevrolet plant. Realizing the demand for trucks in the world, the management of the concern opens its factory in Denmark in 1924. And already in 1925 cars with the emblem in the form of a cross are produced in Brazil. In the US, Chevrolet trucks occupy a leading position, leaving competitors far behind.

Small entrepreneurs, farmers, and just lovers of traveling across America, crossing thousands of kilometers of roads demanded a car with a payload capacity of up to a half-ton. The pickup passed along the prairies of 16 thousand km. with an average fuel consumption of 1 liter per 6 miles. In 1959, the car appeared in the market, produced before 1987 - Chevrolet El Camino. This truck was very popular in the US and neighboring countries. In Mexico, he was named Conquistador. The 60th year is the time for which the flowering of pickup trucks is occurring. An extraordinary representative of this segment of the automotive industry was Chevrolet Blazer with an American-style powerful V-shaped eight-cylinder engine and a drive for all-wheel drive. In 1973, the Suburban model was born. A car with a huge roomy cabin, a powerful power unit and unpretentious in maintenance. It became the ancestor of the modern class SUV.

Virtually every US security agency tried to have a car in its garage. Suburban today like to use private military companies in the hot spots of the planet. It is excellent for off-road, you can place a large-caliber machine gun on the body, and book a cabin. Another legend of the concern is Chevrolet Silverado, who became the star of the television screen after the appearance in the action movie "Kill Bill". There he appeared in the role of "Pussy Wagon". The model has turned out so successful that for all its existence it has received four prestigious awards, one of which is the "Truck of the Year".

Resent Chevrolet Truck Listings

2000 Chevrolet K3500 4x4 1 Ton Flatbed Truck Auto &Air , 66K Miles
Flatbed Truck
huntsville, Alabama

1997 lift gate flatbed truck
Flatbed Truck
reno, Nevada

2007 Chevrolet Silverado flatbed FLAT BED Chevy TRUCK
Flatbed Truck
orange co, California

1959 59 Chevy truck 3100 flatbed
Flatbed Truck
santa maria, California

1976 Chevy Flatbed Truck
Flatbed Truck
denver, Colorado

GMC Chevy Truck pickup plow flatbed flat trailer tank snowplow rack
Flatbed Truck
western slope, Colorado