1994 Ford F350 crew cab Rollback tow truck with wheel lift

For sale by Owner. Photos, specs and description.




fuel: dieseltitle status: cleantransmission: manual

Seller information

Location: nashville, Tennessee
Type: Owner

I’d traded for this truck awhile back and just havent found time to fix it. I’ve decided to sell to put the money to better use. Will also part out if anybody needs anything. As you can see, this is a frankenstein truck. The guy I got it from had taken two trucks, one hit in the front, one in the rear and put them together. He did a fine job, other than leaving far too much frame. His plan was to add another two doors to the cab. I’d planned on either cutting it down to a reasonable size or taking the bed off and putting on a different truck. The truck itself is a 1994 F350 in the front and a 1995 F450 in the rear. The engine is a 7.3 powerstroke turbo diesel. It is from a 1997. It has a 5 speed manual transmission with PTO which runs the rollback, wheel lift, and winch. The truck will not drive because the driveshaft broke -- it was cobbled together and WAY too small for the application. You would need to provide a new driveshaft if you wanted it mobile. The engine runs great and does not smoke. Transmission is nice and smooth. The bed is a aluminum Chevron rollback bed. It has a built in winch and wheel lift. I think its 17 or 18 feet. SUPER nice bed, most of the asking price is in the bed. Other than the obvious, the truck is in great shape and would make a great tow truck if fixed. I’m willing to listen to offers, but dont really need the money or to sell, but it isnt doing it any favors just sitting around. I would trade for the right stuff -- needing some shipping containers and/or semi trailers for storage -- need an off-road tow truck or front end loader with forks.

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