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1990 Isuzu NPR Step van 5 speed W/Veggie System Converted to a studio

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condition: faircylinders: 4 cylindersdrive: rwdfuel: dieselodometer: 201000title status: cleantransmission: manualtype: truck

Seller information

Location: SF bay area, California
Type: Owner

1990 Isuzu NPR 5 speed manual step van converted to a living studio. The engine is a Isuzu 4BD1T I-4 3.9L turbo diesel with a Grease Car veggie oil system. 40 gallon veggie tank. The dash is off an NPR. The body is a Utilimaster. Years ago it was a bread delivery van from the East Coast. The previous owner bought it and converted it to a road trip vehicle and drove it across the country several times. It will hold 55 all day long at ~15 mpg. The turbo was working great when I bought it, but after taking it over 17 to Santa Cruz a few times, the rusted exhaust manifold developed a hole, which doesn’t allow for the turbo to build boost. Everything is soo rusty that patching it with JB Weld every 1000 miles is easier than taking it all apart. On mt last trip to Ashland, to turbo didn’t seem to be boosting as much as it used to. I think it’s dying. Engine runs great otherwise. Starts right up, no problems with idle. The back has 2 inches of insulation, carpet, lights, a bed, shelves, lights, rear door, and a folding table. This truck is not for the casual driver. You NEED mechanical knowhow (or have a friend) to keep this thing going. With the sloppy linkage, manifold patches, and taking care of the veggie oil system, I have spent a lot of time on this truck. If you want the truck just to live in, I can drive it and park it for you Title in hand. I have not paid reg because I just can’t afford to. I can talk price with that fact in mind The good: It runs and drives. All the lights work. Veggie oil system works. I have put 10k miles on it. Clutch feels great. One of the tires is new, the rest are pretty worn. Regular oil changes, never overheats. Oh yea, previous owner put some good money into the sound system. It has 2 12 inch subs. I don’t know enough about audio to tell you all the specs, but it gets loud The bad: It seems like the turbo is going out. There is a massive exhaust manifold leak. I keep it patched with JB Weld.The shocks and springs are shot. The driver side wiper barley works. I bent up the front bumper after running into a few things. One of the batteries is toast. But it can still start on one. All the shift linkages are pretty fried. There is a lot of shifter slop, but it goes into gear. There is a water leak coming of the vent in the roof in the back. It’s really only a problem if it’s sitting. Unfortunately I get it registered and insured as a commercial vehicle. For some reason the state of California won’t let me make a passenger vehicle. I have tried countless times. It’s funny because the previous owner had it passenger in New Hampshire. Doesn’t have a tach, never came with one. Intermittent setting stopped working on the wipers, but on and fast still work. It’s nearly impossible to do any work on this thing because of the rust (used to be an East coast truck). I had a truck shop look at it and they basically told me I would be better off getting a new chassis and trying to replace the springs and shocks $2,000 OBO. No trades

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