1993 Toyota SR5 Pickup Truck Extra Cab- 3.0 V6 4x4-118k-Auto-Runs 100%

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condition: good cylinders: 6 cylinders drive: 4wd fuel: gas odometer: 118200 title status: clean transmission: automatic

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Location: Wilmington- Southern VT, Vermont
Type: Owner

1993 Toyota Pickup Extra Cab Truck 3.0L V6 4x4 SR5 Package An unheard of LOW 118k Miles, Truck is 100% STOCK, Never offroaded and had oil changes regularly. Runs 100%, Power windows, Sunroof, Heat works great!, Interior is not all worn out for a 1993 If you are in the market for a solid Toyota pickup, this is the one you want. SR5 Package means it has all the bells and whistles. Truck is a 1993 so there s no title from the DMV that I ever received. All you need to register it is a bill of sale. You take it to the DMV, they check that the last person to register it is the same as on the bill of sale and you can get plates right then and there. Even in NY, Mass, CT, or RI.. So not having a title is NOT an issue as long as you get my valid bill of sale. FRAME- The truck was purchased 4 years ago from Mikes Imports and the frame looks to have been replaced at one point if I were to guess since it still has the original frame # still showing (see pics). Frame is showing rust scaling but is solid. It looks as if it was undercoated or sealed at some point since you can see the coating has peeled away in most places. Undercoat it, fluid film it, paint it or oil it and the frame will have many years left. ENGINE- The engine runs like a top.. never has let us down. Gets to perfect temp and stays there, perfect oil pressure, oil and antifreeze is clean so the headgaskets are great. The Gas tank pressures up, has no holes and is not rusted out like all the other Toyota’s of this age BODY- Cab is very clean with rocker panels that show only the slightest bubbling is a few small places. Fenders were replaced with new ones ( replaced quickly so the inner fender wells still need to be attached correctly) Bed has some rust but most is small bubbles around the edges except for driver rear wheel well and right above the exhaust outlet. It is very savable if addressed soon. (See pics) TIRES- Has two VERY meaty 90% tread BF Goodrich TA’s on the front and the rears have a little over 50% left. All should pass inspection fine and get you through and weather or trail easily SMALL THINGS THAT NEED TO BE ADRESSED -I just did brake lines and was by myself so they need to be bled better( they pump up and stop very well, just have some air in the lines) -We didn’t drive the truck much this summer but I noticed when driving it the other day that the speedometer is cutting out once in a while. I just drove the truck 100 miles and it seemed to work itself out and worked just about the entire time. Seemed to not like around town drivind to begin with, but when on the highway at 70 mph, it worked the entire time so it must be something simple. I just have not had time to look into it. -The front end is very tight feeling but at highway speed there was what felt like an unbalanced tire. It isn’t bad but I noticed it. Maybe it was from sitting for a few months and the tires got a flat spot on them. It did smooth out towards the end of the 100 mile trip but I am trying to be a thorough as possible. Other than that, this truck is a RARE find that with a small bit of upkeep could be a very reliable pickup for many years to come. These trucks go for big money when clean and this truck is not far away from being that. Seal the flaking rust on the frame, Touch up the bubbles on the bed, throw a coat of paint on it and you have one of the most sought after Toyota pickups out there worth $5000+... (check ebay to see what these SR5 3.0L xtra cabs have sold for when clean). I even have a parts truck with a 5 speed transmission. If you were interested in that as well, we could work something out for you to take that as well for cheap. I drove the truck on a 100 mile round trip recently and it could easily be driven home as is.. If you would like to bleed the brakes before doing so, I can crack the bleeders and you can pump them up to have a firm brake pedal before you dive it away I could put a few hundred into this truck and have something worth A LOT more than I am asking, so I am pretty firm on the price. If you are coming from a long distance, I may be able to help you out with gas but I cannot drop the price much at all. I look forward to hearing from you! Get ahold of me and we can set up a time for you to come take a look at the truck and take it for a test drive. When you hear how smooth the engine is, how smooth the tranny is and how tight the steering is, you will not be disappointed

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