Grapple truck storm clean up

For sale by Owner. Photos, specs and description.




cylinders: 6 cylindersfuel: dieselodometer: 60000paint color: whitetitle status: lientransmission: automatic

Seller information

Location: raleigh, North Carolina
Type: Owner

model name / number: Grapple or clam shell knuckle boom Grapple , clam shell and F-800 truck. Diesel with 6 speed automatic. Any CDL person can drive this truck .This is your perfect storm truck. Hurricane Harvey will take over 2 years to clean up. WITH the large CLAM shell grapple , This truck will give you flexibility to haul construction, logs, house hold, (couches, refrigerators, dish washers. ) all the items that will be out on the road for Fema pick up. This is not your tree debris only clean up. WILL NOT LAST LONG, after the water reseeds, and contracts are issued, all use equipment will be sold, then it only new factory equipment on back order from the assemble line. If you remember Katrina, there was no equipment available. and the long wait from the factory sold above list price. EXTENDABLE boom. Cab to sit in load trash by pulling a dump trailer. Loader other dumps trucks. Very flexible. This truck from the local city truck.Has a Clam shell grapple. Load construction debris, concrete, or limbs/ tree. Invest in one truck; hire all of the other dump trucks as sub-contractors during the storm. This limits the number of $75,000 trucks or Self loaders, used trucks, CDL drivers, and payments waiting between storms. Has a Clam shell grapple. Extendable boom. Cab to sit in. Load other trucks, makes more with less liability.Brand name of this loader is called NU-loader, similar to Prentice loader, Barko log loader, Ihab, Knuckle boom, Lighting Loader, Pac-man, Easy Loader, manufactured in South Carolina. Robert Underwood

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