How to Choose a Truck?

Cargo transportation is integral parts of any sphere of activity, so the question: "How to choose a truck?" sounds true at all times.

The main criteria for the choice of transport are reliability and efficiency. However, it is a very loose concept. To the question of a truck choice you should be approached much wider, so we will try to highlight the main points.

Technical condition

We will not delve into the specifications of trucks models from different manufacturers. These parameters are checked at the time of purchase, in accordance with the individual requirements of the customer.

Let's try to answer this burning question: "Buy a new truck or a used with mileage?". Used trucks are much cheaper, but there is a risk to discover hidden defects after the purchase, which you will have to remove yourself. Therefore, if you do not have the necessary knowledge to check the truck properly on the moment of purchase, with used trucks is better not to get involved.

Purchasing of a new truck could hit the pocket. However, many dealers offer their customers the short-term lease. If a truck is purchased for the development of business, it will be the best option.

We advise you to pay attention to the geographical location of the manufacturer. Many foreign-made trucks do not have unified parts, so the parts are necessary purchased from the official dealer, which will significantly increase the cost.

Type of Fuel Consumed

Most heavy-duty truck models running on diesel fuel, but there are variations, equipped with gasoline engines. We propose to give preference to the diesel engines as the cheaper and more powerful option. In addition, diesel engines are better adapted for using at low temperatures, accordingly simplifies operation of a truck in the winter.

Operating conditions

Practically all types of trucks are able to work in an urban environment, but only with all-wheel drive truck can be use in off-road condition. Buying all wheel drive models is suitable when the truck uses in harsh environments. For example, when it works on construction sites, not furnished areas or delivers goods in mountainous areas.

Load Capacity

One of the key parameter in choice of a truck is its load capacity. The higher the capacity, the better the performance of the machine. However, the heavy duty semi truck can not be effective in urban environments, as well as low-tonnage trucks can not be used for long distance transportation. So you need to pick up truck in accordance with the tasks. According to the parameters of a load capacity, freight transport is divided into the following groups: light, medium and heavy. It makes sense to mention career truck, which is indispensable in the mining industry.

Cargo Type

Construction of trucks depends on the application. The most common are trucks with board platform, which are suitable for transportation of any goods. However, there are models that focus on the delivery of a certain type of cargo that defines the application of transport:
- Refrigerators. These vehicles are designed for the transport of frozen and perishable goods over long distances.
- Container Truck. The truck has the platform adapted for the transportation of freight containers.
- Tanks. The truck is designed to deliver bulk or liquid cargo.
- Grain Carriers. The truck is used in agriculture to deliver grain to the processing or storage sites
- Car Truck. It has the ramp for the safe transportation of vehicles.